Volcano Hunter

  • Concept by Christopher Horsley, Jordi van Even
  • Producer(s): Rooftop Content Group

Extreme guide Chris Horsley leads dangerous expeditions into active volcanoes, every one bringing him a step closer to his ultimate quest, Mt. Erebus in Antarctica. 

On each expedition, he’s on his own personal mission to help the vulnerable communities that live on the volcano’s doorstep. From bringing new technologies to tribal villages, to collecting much-needed data that can help predict when volcanoes will next erupt, Chris’ Volcano hunt across 5 continents will bring him face to face with brutal cyclones, poisonous gases, aggressive locals and… of course – deadly bubbling lava lakes and devastating magmatic blasts. 

For Chris, each trip is a step closer to the ultimate Volcanic expedition… Antarctica’s Mt. Erebus. The stakes have never been higher for this young adventurer. Success will prove Chris to be the World’s most extreme Volcano Hunter.