Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect, Project X)
  • Script by Jordi van Even

Logline: A traumatized camgirl's life is turned upside down when a mysterious chatroom visitor tips her one million dollars.

Synopsis: Shy and beautiful Lila (Alexis Knapp, Pitch Perfect 1&2, Project X) lives a remarkable double life. During the day, she struggles as a singer with stage fright. At night, she puts on a fake smile and performs in front of her webcam, pleasing all her male admirers. Things are about to change drastically when The Good Samaritan enters her chatroom. He doesn’t say or request anything, he’s just online …. and then he tips her One Million Dollars! When she tracks down the identity of The Good Samaritan, she encounters a charming, but intimidating billionaire. Despite his suspicious behavior, the naïve Lila is intrigued by the mysterious man. Impressed by her beauty and musical talent, he also finds himself attracted to her, but he persistently denies to be her generous tipper. Life seems to have taken a different turn for the camgirl who only days before hit rock bottom, and now enjoys the joie de vivre. But then she finds out why her new lover tipped her one million dollars….