Velea Alex, Alex Calin, Florin Calinescu
  • Directed by Christina Iacob
  • Produced in 2014
  • Partner(s): Burdigala Productions
  • Available in Different Territories

Yasmine , Roxi and Ana run away to the seaside two days before their finals to have the time of their lives. Instead of staying home and learning for their finals, three fresh graduates decide to go to the seaside and complete their adolescence with a BANG ! Yasmine , Roxi and Ana are determined to live the last weekend before the maturity exam as if it were the last two days of their lives and that means breaking every rule and doing everything without thinking about the consequences. They are looking for power, adrenaline, falling in love and the three youngsters which cross their path seem to be able to provide all these things and even more than they can imagine or endure.

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