Calcio Storico: The Blood of Florence

  • Directed by Louis Myles, Lorenzo Sorbini
  • Produced in 2018
  • Producer(s): We Are Buzzers
  • Available in Available in Different Territories

Calcio Storico is the heartbeat of Florence. This, the oldest form of team sports is a spectacle like no other. A game that has been held annually in the streets of the city since the 1500s, it is deeply embedded within the culture and tradition of Florence. This game is only played in this city and therefore unique in Italy.  

Every June, the four districts of the city go to battle. 27 brave men form each team. They are men who are prepared to put themselves in great danger, at risk of major injury. They do not fight for money. They fight for the pride of their district. They fight for the honor of Florence.

Calcio Storico: The Blood of Florence trailer