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production & distribution

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One vision, two divisions

Rooftop Film & TV is a creator, producer and distributor of traditional media content, like feature films, documentaries and TV series.

Rooftop Film & TV is a subsidiary of Rooftop Content Group.


Distributor, sales agent, and aggregator for major clients worldwide.


Creator and producer of unique content which is both commercial as well as high quality.

We are working with


"It’s been a pleasure to work with Rooftop and Jordi. Jordi is an enthusiast and from the moment he watched Take the Ball for the first time, he was confident the film would be a success and he would sell it internationally. Luckily he was right! We have always felt well represented by Jordi and have had confidence that Rooftop, with their extensive contacts book, will find the right clients for our content."

Duncan McMath

Director and Senior Producer


For selected groups or large audiences, we’ll take care of the reach. All the way. From conception to production, to distribution and exhibition